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Don’t let anything stand in your way

How we did the impossible for a couple taking the trip of a lifetime

Imagine this: you’ve worked a long hard career and are now at retirement. Suddenly, facing time to pursue what’s next, you have the desire to give back to the community and see the world.

Where would you go? How would you give back?

This is the exact place Hans and Amy found themselves in before coming to GEM Benefits for insurance coverage. They had dreams of volunteering in Sudan that they were determined to follow (and had already booked their tickets).

They were leaving in a week.

The challenge

In addition to the time crunch Hans and Amy faced, they had a number of roadblocks in their way. Hans, at the time, was in his early 70’s and Amy had a bout with breast cancer roughly two years ago, which posed as difficulties in getting them the coverage they needed.

With no more coverage from their corporate benefits, combined with their medical history and age, getting them the right coverage they needed was a monumental challenge. Also, Sudan was under a travel advisory at the time and sanctions from the U.S. government, adding to the difficulty of obtaining a provider willing to insure them on their travels

Hans and Amy also didn’t trust travel insurance from banks or credit cards.

Our approach

We understood Amy and Hans’ determination to defy standards and do the impossible – and we don’t let challenges stop us. After digging deep and leveraging our 30+ years of experience and expansive network, we were able to source a specialty carrier that wasn’t encumbered by countries with economic sanctions or travel advisories.

Amy and Hans were able to get full coverage for their six-week journey (with the exception of anything cancer-related for Amy) for $1,000 CAD – with three days left to spare before their departure!

This is just one example of the many different scenarios we have handled in the past and finding unique ways to work around this. Find out how we can get to work for you.

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